CHESTER P FOR MAYOR - Ltd Edition Tee Shirt - Help The Homeless - Tag yourself with the Tee shirt #chesterpformayor

from Real Talk 2


100% Profit goes to "Help The Homeless"

The person with highest Price paid for the Tee Shirt will also receive a RTR Goody bag.
Take a photo of yourself wearing the Tee Shirt and tag it #chesterpformayor

Having once been put forward for the London mayoral candidacy, Chester-P from UK Hiphop group, TaskForce is at it again and this time he’s aiming to help London’s homeless.
His Plan involves selling T-shirts featuring the caption ‘Chester-P for Mayor’ and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts are going towards this very good cause.
The sale of one T-Shirt can purchase two sleeping bags, so it’s a very good cause indeed. Chester-P will be personally handing out all sleeping bags to London's’ homeless as winter closes in.
With 26,940 applications to councils for help with homelessness from April to June 2014, and figures collected in the autumn of 2013, 2414 people are estimated to be sleeping rough on any one night, accoring to
This is a problem which needs all of our attention. ‘Hiphop unites for a better tomorrow.’ so says Chester-P.


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